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Museum Participants

  • National Museum of Natural History

    Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
  • Natural History Museum of Denmark

    University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen
  • Institute of Zoology Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Beijing, China
  • Museum of Natural Science

    Louisiana State University, LA
  • The Swedish Museum of Natural History

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

    University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Western Australian Museum

    Welshpool DC, WA
  • The French National Museum of Natural History

    Paris, France

The Bird 10,000 Genomes (B10K) Project is an initiative to generate representative draft genome sequences from all extant bird species. Based on the success of the previous ordinal level project , the project provided the first proof of concept in large-scale sequencing across a vertebrate class and a perspective on such discoveries that these genomes can make. The announcement of the B10K Project was published on 3rd June 2015 in Nature.

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See About us page for contact info of B10K project organizers